“One Day My Soul Just Opened Up”
by Iyanla Vanzant, Life Coach
Lori Nalewajk
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Out of the depth of darkness, I found a shining radiance. Iyanla Vanzant has put together a magnificent book touching upon human emotions and feelings, helping me to understand that wherever I am is exactly the place I am supposed to be at that particular time in my life.

One Day My Soul Just Opened Up shows the path I need to take in order to get where I need to go. I realize that the Divine is within me at all times. Becoming the Divine, letting the Divine into me, and opening myself to receive the Divine is key. The book is broken down by sections: sections by days, forty day and evening passages, affirmations, and exercises stimulating the mind.

To introduce illustrations of each section, starting with Honoring the Divine, there is one truth to everything that happens in life. Only the individual perceptions of the truth change. I now understand that my views are my truth. She emphasizes that the path you are on has been chosen by the Divine.

When you honor yourself, there is a spiritual consciousness that awakens throwing light that no man is immune to making errors. It is dangerous to believe that if a spiritual path has been chosen, everything related to you is in some sort of spiritual light. To surrender existence is becoming aware of this acceptance.

Ms. Vanzant helps to honor others with forgiveness, a powerful tool in learning that whatever has been done to me, I must acquire forgiveness. Keeping myself angry will bring forth guilt and suffering for myself. Forgiveness is a freeing sensation felt when we allow ourselves to forgive. Letting go, giving up part of me in order to gain another now. This must be done to achieve stability. When you feel you are giving your energy to others totally, leaving you emotionally vulnerable, never achieving a specific outcome that is expected, your own self gets lost and there is a feeling of disappointment.

It is imperative that we have faith. Faith is a process within us at all times. The understanding and believing the Divine is always there, watching out, traveling with us, seen by invisibility.

The final example I will share is to honor life with balance, which is the key that opens all feelings and emotions. It shows there is not anyone more or less powerful in life. Balance ties every word together, creating a value of opposites becoming one.

It is brilliant, almost simplistic in its complexity. I enjoyed this book exclusively. I know that I am not alone in my struggles. It is normal to make a mistake and to have feelings or emotions. However, a balance must be established. She expresses each section in a self-help fashion emanating from the soul.
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