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Contact a Columnist

The staff of New York City Voices encourages you to write to our columnists and provide them with a question or a subject for their columns. In addition, you may consult them about subjects that lie within their areas of expertise. If you have an idea for a new column or wish to become a volunteer columnist yourself, please write to with "new column" or "new columnist" in the subject box.

"Ask the Attorney" (
- Jeanette Zelhof, Esq.
"Ask the Doctor" (
- Stephen M. Goldfinger, M.D.
"Ask the Housing Experts" (
- Elizabeth Peterson, Housing Consultant Center for Urban Community Services
- Daniel J. Stern, Housing Consultant Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS)
"Ask the Peer Specialists" (
- Paul Chipkin, Senior Peer Advocate Staten Island Peer Advocacy Center
"Ask the Pharmacist" (
- Steve Kaufman, RPH
"Ask the Therapist" (
- Rita Seiden, C.S.W., Ph.D., Executive Director Park Slope Center for Mental Health
"Editor-At-Large: As I See It" (
- Marvin Spieler
"Mental Health Comic Strips" (
- Vinod Dave
"Roving Photographer" (
- Marty Cohen
"Sex and Relationships" (
- Michelle Bruenn
- Jenny Chan
"Veterans' Issues: The Long Walk Home" (
- Kenyatta Yamel
"Ward Stories" (
- Jack Freedman
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